To the moon and back…

By Maina Njoki

On the expedition to the moon and back,
Things often get difficile as you embark
Oftentimes the voyagers lose the map,
And the chariot falls off the track.
At times the vessels gets stuck,
And the occupants then have to debark.
Only by Gods grace or good luck,
That you’ll make it to there and get back.

© maina_njoki


Poetic Hearts. 💕

By Maina Njoki.

I’ve been thinking about you
All day.
Been reminiscing of our journey till
It has been long, but fascinating in
every way.
Has been a thrilling tale I’m gonna recount
How you’ve liven up my face
Monday to Sunday has always been like a
My luckiest day must have been your
Day God sent an angel to inspire me
each day.
Am not gonna let this chance
slip away.
Let me make my sentiments clear
Right away.
I’d wish to make you my all time
I will be by your side till the
Last day.
I promise you am never gonna
While our expedition is just
Let me just take you
my way.
Come on, let’s leave on an undying
Let us get lost, to a place so
Our epic love tale is
Let’s make it captivating to carry everyone
Hoping this bond is never gonna

© sean_poet


By Maina Njoki.

That unsought moment,
When you feel like you wanna cry,
But you really can’t tell why.
Moment when weariness gets so deep,
Yet can’t find sleep.
Time when gloom just finds its way
But you can’t chase it away
When you’re languishing in despair
But no one seems to care.
When you cry out loud,
But the cry gets a deaf crowd.
That’s the moment,
You wish you never met.
You’re in darkness all alone
With a long wait to dawn.

©sean_poet. @2018


By Maina Njoki.

After on your bed you lie,
After you’ve closed your eyes.
Just take a moment and try
To ask yourself why,
He let you bid yet another day goodbye.
After all the times you’ve lied.
Remember all dangers you’ve passed by
Yet you’re still breathing, you never died.
His grace;
You should even shy,
As you look up to the sky –
And thank the Most High.🙏




By Maina Njoki.

They say not all that glitters,
Must necessarily be gold.
But moment I came upon her,
I needed not to be told.
She was magnificent by nature,
She held all reasons to be proud.
The eye just couldn’t fail to capture,
How flawlessly her face was mold.
Looking at how the body was structured,
It stood out from any other in the crowd.
She depicted an alluring gesture,
One which instantly turns the body cold.
These are times you stand flustered,
With wishes written on your face in bold.

@2018. ®sean_poet.


By Maina Njoki.

I fall for peculiar things
I mean, just look at yourself
You’re an angel without wings
A queen without a crown
A flower blooming during winter
And a star glowing in the light
I must have dug the deepest surface
Bore with all the might,
To retrieve you,
A gem hidden in the safest place.
You grabbed my eye on first sight
With the elegance drawn on your face
You shone so bright,
Drawing a memory that can’t be erased.
I thence miss you day and night
Whenever you ain’t around, I feel displaced.
Catching sleep becomes a lusty fight,
Those are the nights solitude has me to embrace.
You always inspire me to write
Someday I might become an artist as well,
For the many times I’ve tried to draw your face.
How to you am inclined feels like it’s a spell
But even if it is I can’t chase
I wanna be charmed forever
Disenchanting me no one should ever.

@2018. ©sean_poet.


By Maina Njoki.

It’s on the 5th of July
Under a clear sky,
Am freezing.
Outside it’s so chilly,
Reads very low degrees.
There’s no one to keep me warm
I got to be on my bed, lie
Till I get dizzying
I just wish this chill could die,
So that I can get busying.
Hate it when I just lie,
It brings back old retents
Whose time has passed by.
You see,
I ponder why
The distance we’re keeping.
Why the life of a lie,
We got to be living.
Should have at least bid me bye,
And given reason worth believing.
Perhaps then,
My mind wouldn’t be sinking
How I wish you could just pass by
And save me from this anguishing.

@2018. ©sean_poet